Dog Hospital Facility

Dog Hospital Facility

Busy with work?? Not able to take your pet to a hospital!!! Don’t worry, puppybazar is here to help you. Please book an appointment with our pet expert.

What is the importance of a hospital for a pet??
There are many reasons why we say that a pet should undergo a check-up at least once in 2 months. There are many health issues for each pet, depending on age and how they respond to the atmosphere. The following are the health benefits that a pet should be maintained with.
1. Physical fitness:
People like to hang out with their pets. Doctors say that an adult dog should get about at least 2 hours of exercise per week. Hanging out with pets makes them physically fit.
2. Better heart health:
Canines have low blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglycerides, making them prone to heart attacks. A regular check-up is necessary, which makes a hospital more important for a dog.
3. Maintain weight:
Weight should always be maintained. Obesity leads to health issues. So regular check-up makes pet owners alert with the weight and could be controlled.
Vaccinations have to be taken at the correct time. So could you seek advice from our vet doctors? We are here to help you.
Vet doctors say that Vaccination starts when your puppy is six to nine weeks old. Deworming medication should be given during the first visit. When he is 12 to 16 weeks old, rabies vaccination has to be administered. Para-influenza, canine hepatitis, parvovirus vaccines can be given as per your vet’s advice. So don’t miss to vaccine your dog. Dog’s health is its life. Seek advice from our vet doctor. Log on to Honcho puppybazar for further details.



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