Pet Training

Pet Training

Our pet training in Bangalore consists of expert trainers who provide training classes for dogs. Our dog trainers in Bangalore helps your pet to prepare themselves how to behave. Our pet trainer gives opportunities for your dog to convey communication skills with humans and other puppies.
Our dog training cost in Bangalore of honcho puppybazar is affordable to all classes of people. There is a dog training school that makes your dog participate in sports and other activities. Our service helps your dog to visit dog training schools.
Our dog training courses consist of 4 months at an affordable cost.
Suppose you want to know dog training near your place contact Honcho puppybazar. We provide the best dog trainers in Bangalore, and thus you can justify your dog behavior.
• show training available
• behavior training
• vocational training
• guard training
• our expert trainers will visit your place and we will provide timing and period according to your
breed of pet.

Benefits of dog training:
1. Stronger bond with the owner:
A well-trained dog is easy to manage. Obedience, responsive, loving pet gives more pleasure to owners. And such dogs will have a stronger relationship with their masters.
2. Smooth Management:
Basic commands such as command sit, stay, watch me, wait, come, etc., are taught in pet training classes, making your dog easy to manage. Smooth Management is meant to have easy control for your dog to work without misbehaving and to become a part of a family instead of being left alone at home.
3. Socialisation:
Socialization is an important aspect that makes a dog learn what is acceptable in its language. Pet trainers in Bangalore teach dogs how to get more socialized with other puppies and humans.
4. Fun and treats:
Dog training programs are fun to watch. Treats are given for every positive sign of behavior. Our dog training classes include pet training methods and techniques, which is always fun to watch.
5. Safety:
A trained dog is always safe at family and with friends. Don’t provoke your dog. It results in emergencies and adverse reactions of your dog.
Our dog training includes a mix of jogging, running, walking on a leash enhances enjoyment.
A trainer dog will be physically fit. There is a various dog training center in Bangalore, but you should select an appropriate training center. Professional dog training includes techniques that lead the owners to have control over the dog’s behavior. We also teach obedience training so that they can remain calm and quiet besides their master.
Our dog training academy teaches various techniques like crate training techniques and regular exercise, which leads to a better impact on your pet’s well-being. A typical workout gives better muscle strength and a healthy metabolism.
Crate training often takes time and is safe. Crates are made up of either plastic or metal pens. Crates of different sizes are available. The crate should be big enough so that dogs can stand and turn around. Crate training is a slow process, and our trainers make sure that your dog is correctly trained. After the dog completes crate training, our expert trainers command your dog to enter the crate and encourage him by giving treats. This training may take up to several weeks. Remember, when you command anything, always reward your dog with a treat. This can even be practiced at your home with our expert trainers.
Our trainers will come home to train your dog. Dogs usually eliminate outdoors. Always praise him after excreting completely, and even you can reward him with a small treat. Make this a daily routine. It’s still better to choose a bathroom spot for your pet and regularly take him to that spot. Keep a diet schedule for your pet. When he feels to eliminate, you can see some signs like circling, sniffing around, etc.
We conduct dog training programs in different stages, step by step. We also provide dog handler training to first time owners. Our expert dog trainer teaches tricks to dogs and keeps practicing them. They train your dog so that he will have some goal for his approach. During the training period, trainers provide toys for your pet to play with.
Trainers choose the appropriate size of toys for dogs, depending on their size. Soft, long-lasting toys are always preferred. Different kinds and shapes of toys are available in the market, such as a bone-shaped toy, Nylabone, Ringbone, etc. The toys can be purchased from Honcho puppybazar.
Our trainers also conduct dog training at the seashore and conduct camping, which adds fun.



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