Dog Services

As John Katz says: “Animals have come to mean so much in our lives”. We live in a digital world where we forget to give importance to our society. All of us are busy with technology but when I looked around  I found that, whatever technology has grown, people are giving importance to pets. They find some time to get released from technological stress. This is the reason why we started Honcho puppybazar. Our Honcho puppybazar is mainly confined in Bangalore, but gradually we are planning to develop to majority places.

Pet Services

Our pet services include pet cab, pet care, pet food, hospital facilities, pet training, and pet sales. We transport your dog in our pet cab into the comfort zone to hospitals, to spend holidays, to resort, and so on. 100% safety is guaranteed by us.

We also provide pet food. Our Honcho puppybazar provides safe and healthier food to all pets. Organic foods are rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins and make your puppy healthy. Nowadays there is a lack of pure breeds of puppies in the common market. But we make sure that our pet sale in Bangalore includes pure breeds, as we provide the microchip certification. We are ready to make appointments to visit a vet doctor in our pet cab. We care for your dog as one of our family members. There are professional trainers to train your dog. Crate training, house training, teaching obedience are well taught to your pets.

Do you know what’s one thing that you can have in your lifelong??? It’s your pet who loves you unconditionally. So make the best time for your pet with Honcho puppybazar.

Finding it difficult to get a pure breed?? Honcho puppybazar pet sale service is here to help you to find a pure breed.

Honcho puppybazar pet cabs that are specially designed to make your journey comfortable for your Dogs.

Going somewhere urgent? Worried about leaving your doggie alone? Puppybazar pet care service on demand will take care of it.

We provide homely food for your pets and other branded pet food on request at your home.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So is your puppy. Play-oriented training for doggies. The better trained your doggies are, better behaved.

Busy with work? Not able to take your pet to a hospital? Don’t worry, PuppyBazar is here to help you.

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